Why is it important to have a corporate website?

In today's world, where the majority of people are connected to the internet, it is crucial for every company to have its own corporate website. Regardless of the size or industry of the business, a website is a necessary tool in promoting and growing the business.

Having a corporate website allows companies to present themselves on the internet and thereby increase their visibility and accessibility. A corporate website enables visitors to learn about the company's business and offerings of products and services. Additionally, a corporate website enables the company to communicate with its clients, providing them with support and resolving any potential issues.

Basic elements of a corporate website

In most cases, corporate websites consist of several basic elements, namely:

Home page
The home page is the first page of the site that visitors see when they come to the site. It should be well organized and contain the main information about the business, products and services offered. Also, the front page should be aesthetically attractive and leave a positive impression on visitors.

Page About us / About the company
On this page, you will introduce visitors to your business, mission and vision. It should contain information about the history and development of the business, as well as about the company's values ​​and goals.

A page with information about the products and services the company offers. Each product/service must be described in detail, with a picture and price.

This page is very important because it allows visitors to contact the company directly. All relevant contact information, such as address, telephone, email address, as well as the contact form directly from the site, must be listed on this page.

A blog can be used to publish various types of content, such as news, advice, articles, analysis. A blog is important because it allows communication with customers, providing additional information about products and services, and creating a community around the company.


How to make a corporate website?

There are several steps in the process of creating a corporate website at:

Finding a good web developer
If you want a professional corporate website, then you need to hire a professional web developer and not a learned neighbor who understands computers. The only way to know if someone is a pro or an amateur is to look at their references.

Before starting the creation of the site, it is necessary to make a detailed plan that will include all the elements of the site and the content that will be published. Planning is key to successful website development.

Content creation
After the site plan is created, you need to prepare the content. The content must be of high quality, relevant and informative.

The design of the site should be aesthetically attractive and modern, but also functional. The design should match the business image of the company.

Before publishing the site, you need to test it and make sure that everything works as it should.

The site should be regularly maintained, so that it is always up-to-date and functional.


How much does it cost to create a corporate website?

Kako naš narod voli da kaže kolko para tolko i muzike, korporativni sajt možete napraviti već za par stotina eura ako ste spremni da online prezentaciju Vaše firme napravi neko priučen ko je naučio na nekom online kursu da napravi najjednostavnije sajtove.

The problem with that is that tomorrow when you want to upgrade your site to a more serious web application and to devote yourself more seriously to your appearance on the Internet, you will have a problem because someone who knows how to make only the simplest site will not know how to do it and you will have to hire a professional or a serious agency to create your website from scratch, while paying again for the complete development of the site and wasting time waiting for it to be created again.

That's why it's definitely better to have your site created immediately by a trained developer and a professional in his business, of course you'll pay more but you'll get a much better product so the price-quality ratio is better even if you pay more.

The approximate price of such creation starts from 500 euros for small websites and goes up to several thousand euros for larger corporate websites.


A corporate website is the main channel for the presentation of your company and its services, products and goals. On a corporate website, you should be clear about what you offer, but also address the problem that your customers are concerned about. In order for a corporate website to be successful, you need to design it well and adapt it to the needs of your audience (users).

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