Why is it important for your business to exist online in the form of a website?

Most online customers are looking for information to help them make smarter shopping decisions.

In fact, according to the survey, 88% of consumers will research a product before deciding to buy it irrelevant whether through a web store or in a physical store.

Based on that, it is already clear to you how important it is to have a website where you will describe in detail all the benefits of the products and services you offer.

How does a website affect your business?

  • Your customers expect you to have a website - today every serious business has a website
  • Owning a website makes you look professional and instills confidence in consumers
  • A corporate website will bring you more customers and increase sales
  • The website gives you complete control over communication with customers
  • Unlimited working hours - the physical location closes at some point, the client can always access the site

Website Quality - How important is the way a website is created?

Today, there are many ways to create a website, from many CMS systems such as WordPress and Joomla, through various services such as Wix to using programming languages ​​to create a website from scratch.

All the websites we create are created in this last way which we consider to be the best for several reasons even for small informative websites.

First, in this way, absolute control over the content of the website is achieved, ie we have control over every element, font size, font, position of images, effects and animations ...

Secondly, it creates an excellent basis for further expansion of the website, the site that was initially made as a small information site to make the initial investment smaller at any time when you want to invest further can be upgraded to the most complex web application with product ordering system , automatic invoice generation, newsletter system ...

You can take a look at the websites we have created so far here

Time required to create a website

Creating an information website where your company is represented and all the benefits that customers can have from you takes from one to a couple of weeks, depending on the size of the website.

If, for example, you go with the most basic variant: Home page, page about services or products, page about the company and contact page - it will take a maximum of a week.

But if you also want to insert special pages for your products or services, and describe each one in detail, it may require several weeks of work depending on the number of pages before the site is ready for launch.

Last but not least - The cost of creating a website

As the production time varies in relation to your wishes in direct proportion to that, the price will also vary.

The price of each website is formed based on the requirements of a specific user, but I will give you general guidelines to know where you would roughly fit.

The price of an information site with about 10 pages that I described in the previous chapter would be approximately 200 euros, if you add to that 50 more products that will have separate pages, the price will increase by another 100 euros, and if you have hundreds of products arranged by category and subcategories the price is around 500 euros.

You can see the approximate price packages on the page price list

If you need to create a website for your company, call Stefan, our web developer, on the phone number 0659061997 or send us an email via our contact form