How important is it for your company to have its own website?

porodica pretrazuje internet

Your company's online presence in the form of a website can have a crucial impact on your business.

If you have a quality website, you will act more professionally, instill more trust in customers and make it easier for them to find all the information about your company.

Conversely, if you do not have a good corporate website, you will act frivolous, you will not instill confidence in customers and people will question the credibility of your company!

With a good website, customers will have more confidence in you!

zasto je vazno da imate web sajt

A very good way to show customers that you care about them and that they want them to trust you is to have a quality website that makes it very easy to get all the information you want about yourself.

The last thing you want is that when someone searches your business name on Google, nothing about you comes up, just think would you trust a company that doesn't appear on Google search?

On the other hand, when someone comes to your site where all the information about your business is transparent, they will have much more trust in you and thus be more willing to cooperate with you!

Make money with your morning coffee

pretrazivanje interneta uz kafu

One of the nicer ways to start your morning is to browse through coffee for new orders that arrived during the night.

Why would you limit yourself to just selling in a physical store when you can allow customers to order your products online in just a few clicks?

There are a lot of people who do not live in your city and they need the products you offer and they would buy them from you but you did not allow them to do so.

It is not realistic to expect that someone from Nis will go to Novi Sad to buy a coffee maker that you sell, but it is realistic that they will order it online through your website to reach his home address.

Why trust us?

poverenje u programera koji ce vam napraviti sajt

Today, you can easily come across a company that creates websites using one of the services such as Wix or WordPress, which does not require any programming knowledge to compile a basic representative website.

If the site is made by one of these companies and you later want to add some new functionality to your site that they do not know how to program, the whole site will have to be rebuilt by someone who knows how to program and you will have to pay again to complete the site instead of just to pay extra for extra functionality.

If you decide for us, your site will be created by Stefan, a graduate engineer of electrical engineering and computer science, who has studied programming for years and is constantly improving his skills in programming and marketing.

We know that you are overwhelmed with obligations and without engaging in creating a site

manjak vremena za izradu web sajta

In addition to all the obligations you have about running your company, the last thing you need is to take extra time to create a corporate website and it is crystal clear to us!

Therefore, we try to keep your engagement to a minimum and to get the finished product without too much stress.

Of course, it is necessary to take some time to present your wishes and provide us with the necessary materials, but after that the whole process of creating a website goes without your involvement with only occasional notifications from us about the progress of your new website.

How much is an investment in a quality and modern website?

investicija u izradu web sajta

Do you know why programming is one of the highest paid occupations today?

Because a good website can bring companies many times more money than is invested in the development of the site and that is why companies give so many salaries to good developers!

Of course, I understand that it is important to you how much you need to invest in the development of the site and that is why I have prepared different packages in relation to the size of the website that you need.

You can see the prices of our services at the following link: price list

Keep in mind that these are approximate prices and that each site is a story for itself, so you will get the most accurate and binding price when you contact and state the correct requirements.

The goal is not far, just a few steps away from your new website

stepenice do uspeha

Step 1: Constructive meeting
In order to reach the next steps at all, it is first necessary for us contact and arrange a short meeting.

Step 2: The birth of an idea
Based on your requirements and the industry in which you are, we will suggest you the best solution for your website.

Step 3: Building Materials
In order to create a website to your liking, you need to provide us with materials for the site you want.

Step 4: What we are very good at
With the submitted materials, the programming and creation of your new website starts, which is completed within the agreed deadline.

Step 5: Provera i lansiranje
After you check the site and confirm that the site has met all your criteria, the site is launched and becomes available across the Internet.

The sooner we start, the sooner we will finish


If we have provided you with enough information and you have decided to make your site a graduate programmer contact us to schedule that meeting.

You can always contact us by calling the number: 065/906-19-97 (Stefan - web programer)

Or send us an email at:

You can also contact us immediately via the contact form on our contact page

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