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Below you can view some of the web sites, web shops and web applications we have created.

Corporate Website

Viessmann Beograd

Viessmann is a German company with over 12,000 employees operating in more than 30 countries and generating an annual revenue of over 3 billion euros.

We have a very successful partnership with Viessmann that started back in 2019, and so far, we have developed over 10 highly complex web systems for their needs.

viessmann beograd korporativni sajt
chip card korporativni sajt
Corporate Website

Chip Card AD Beograd

Chip Card (Payten / Asseco Group) is the leading payment transaction processor in Serbia and the region.

Our collaboration with Chip Card started in 2022, initially by developing web shops for users of their e-commerce system. Since 2024, we have been directly involved in the development and maintenance of their web systems.

Web Application


Web platform developed for the accounting agency AB Lux from Belgrade, through which clients can subscribe to a monthly subscription for a virtual office.

The web application is extremely extensive and complex. In addition to automatic monthly subscription with credit card payment, it includes automatic invoice issuance, generation of accounting entries, application-based credit card change, automated email sending, administrative panel, and many more functionalities.

korporativni sajt
web aplikacija
Web Application

Solar Energy 365

A web platform that provides users with an all-inclusive offer for the installation of a solar power plant on their roof in a few easy steps.

This web application was developed for Viessmann Belgrade and at the time of its launch represented a revolution in web portals for solar panels in Serbia. The application is extremely complex with a multitude of backend calculations and functionalities.

Informational Website

The women are the law movement

The official website of the movement that fights for a better position of women in Serbia. This movement gathers over half a million women!

The website was done in collaboration with the Office of the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Serbia.

web sajt
web aplikacija
Web Application


A web application through which you can very easily get the most optimal heating proposal for your home with a complete price in just a few steps.

Another web application developed for Viessmann Belgrade, holding the title of the most complex web application we have programmed so far due to its numerous backend functionalities and algorithms.

Online Store

Laki Industry

In just the first 3 months of the web shop's operation, the entire investment in creating the site was returned 20 times.

For Laki Industry, we have developed 2 web shops and have been engaged in digital marketing since 2022.

viessmann beograd korporativni sajt
korporativni sajt
Corporate website

Junior Cargo

Corporate website of a company from Belgrade that deals with international transport.

The focus of this website was on design as well as functional display of services offered by Junior Cargo.

Web Application

iTuris & BabaBikes

We developed these two extremely complex web applications in collaboration with Target Media and they are intended for tourists visiting Zlatibor.

In addition to the multitude of functionalities offered to users, a comprehensive custom admin panel was created for the administration of all content on web applications.

web aplikacija i
tapetomat web shop
Online Store


Web shop with three thousand wallpapers made for Tandem Luxury Living, who hired us for three more web projects.

Due to the large number of wallpapers, the priority of this web store was to concisely arrange the wallpapers so that users could easily find what they are interested in.

Online Store

Mercis Meblovi

Another web shop we made for Tandem Luxury Living.

This web shop ranked excellently on Google for all the key terms.

Mercis Meblovi web shop
Destilerija Despot web shop
Online Store

Destilerija Despot

Web shop for the sale of premium brandy produced on the slopes of Kosmaj.

In addition to the luxurious black and gold design that fits the entire visual identity of the brand, this one is designed to be extremely intuitive for the end user.

Web Application

Simple Office

Another web platform developed for the accounting agency AB Lux from Belgrade.

Through this web application, users can subscribe to an automatic monthly subscription for the virtual office service in Belgrade.

Simple Office web aplikacija
web prodavnica namestaj mladenovic
Online Store

Furniture Mladenović

Web store for the sale of furniture of a company from Vranje that employs over 50 workers.

In addition to the client-side frontend, an extremely intuitive backend was made for maintaining the product database.

Online Store

Vaf Milak Tire

Thousands of items arranged in logically arranged categories provide customers with easy shopping.

Due to the large number of items, care was taken to ensure that users could easily find the products they were looking for through filters.

Mercis Meblovi web shop
web prodavnica namestaj mladenovic
Online Store

NANI beds

An online store for selling baby cribs that we made for NANI company from Leskovac.

This web shop ranked at the top of Google search results for the keyword 'baby cribs'.

Online Store

Hernanez Paraćin

Web store created for the leader on the domestic market in the sale of glass packaging.

Fokus u izradi bio je na što jednostvnijem poručivanju za korisnike.

web prodavnica hernandez paracin
shoes planet shop internet prodavnica
Online Store

Shoes Planet Shop

Web store for selling shoes online

Shoes Planet Shop already had developed online sales through social media before the creation of the online store. The web shop was made to streamline and automate the entire sales process.

Corporate website

Loren Line

Corporate website for one of Viessmann's sales partners.

Due to our long-standing partnership with Viessmann, Loren Line wanted only us for the redesign of their corporate website.

korporativni sajt loren line
web prodavnica namestaj mladenovic
Corporate website

Restaurant MB

Corporate website of MB restaurant from Mladenovac, widely known for its lamb.

Restaurant MB is one of the most famous restaurants in Šumadija when it comes to roasting, and we are extremely proud that they chose us to create their restaurant website.

Corporate website

All seasons estetik centar

The site of the aesthetics center in Juzno Bulevar in Belgrade is designed in a premium black and gold version.

This project was extremely demanding in terms of design, but the client was ultimately satisfied with the result.

web sajt
korporativni sajt vivax pharma
Corporate website


VIVAX Pharma ADRIA is part of a company that distributes drugs in 15 European countries.

VIVAX Pharma ADRIA chose Young Soft to create their corporate website for the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Corporate website

Doors Centar

Doors Centar is a Turkish company with a production facility of 10,000 m2.

This Turkish company chose us on the recommendation of Libar Home, a company for which we created an online store with thousands of items.

korporativnin sajt doors centar
korporativni sajt Tandem Luxury Living
Corporate website

Tandem Luxury Living

Corporate website of Tandem Luxury Living company from Zlatibor.

In addition to the corporate website for Tandem, we also created 2 separate web shops and established cooperation in digital marketing through Google Ads and social media ads.

Online Store

Libar Home

A very large corporate site, with the potential to soon become a web store.

Large online store with over 5000 items distributed across more than 100 categories and subcategories.

web prodavnica libar home
korporativni sajt MEN Elektro
Corporate website

MEN Elektro

Corporate website of the company MEN elektro, which deals with all types of electrical installations.

The company owner wanted a premium black version with orange details matching their company's colors.

Corporate website

Bash Gradnja

A construction company based in Novi Sad, which has been operating for many years.

We have had a decisive collaboration with Bash Gradnja since 2021 in the regular maintenance of their corporate website. Additionally, the site has positioned excellently on Google for all relevant keywords.

korporativni sajt
korporativni sajt
Corporate website

Lux Gradnja

Corporate website of a construction company from Ćelije.

This classic informative website is characterized by simplicity in displaying relevant information.

Web Application


oPIPNI allows users to follow sales training online and very easily communicate with their trainer through the application.

An extremely complex web platform for subscribing to online training via credit card. Users can purchase individual trainings or subscribe to all trainings available on the platform. In addition, direct communication with instructors is enabled through the platform.

web aplikacija
internet portal
Internet portal

Grejanje za 1 evro dnevno

Heating for 1 euro per day is an internet portal where you can find the latest information from the world of heating and heat pumps.

This web portal was developed in collaboration with Viessmann and contains all the latest news from the world of heating and solar energy.

Corporate website

Capital Finance Group

The company has built 12 luxury villas on Kosmaj in the Kosmiko Hill complex.

We established cooperation with this company on the recommendation of the respective digital agency Hypnodrom.

korporativni sajt
korporativni sajt
Corporate website


It has been in business since 1991 and deals with the sale and servicing of office equipment and Capriolo products.

This is one of the first projects we worked on, and we achieved outstanding results in Google ranking for relevant keywords.

Corporate website

Kanal In

The company was founded in 2005 and deals with the production and installation of ALU and PVC joinery.

An informative website with all the necessary information about the products and services offered by the company.

korporativni sajt
korporativni sajt
Corporate website

AS Invest

The corporate website of one of the Belgrade construction companies with which we cooperate.

One of the construction companies we collaborate with, concise information about the company and apartments for sale is presented on the website.

Corporate website

Mafi Group

Corporate website of another Belgrade construction company with which we cooperate.

Another construction company from Belgrade we collaborate with, the website provides concise information about the company and apartments for sale.

korporativni sajt
korporativni sajt
Corporate website

Deep washing Kole

Corporate site for a company that deals with deep cleaning - Kole Novi Beograd.

Informative corporate website of a Belgrade-based company specializing in deep cleaning, with a priority to concisely present all services.

Online Store

Natana SkinCare

Online store for sale of handmade regenerative serums and essential oils.

In addition to the web shop, static pages were created for other services and treatments, as well as a registration system for Natana Academy.

korporativni sajt
korporativni sajt
Corporate website

Jakovljević Trans

Corporate website of a company for the transportation of goods on the territory of Serbia.

Simple informative website with all the necessary information.

Corporate website

MBS Keramika

Company is engaged in the production of custom-made furniture and kitchens in the territory of Serbia and soon in Switzerland.

Simple informative website with all the necessary information about products and services intended for the Serbian and Swiss markets.

korporativni sajt
korporativni sajt
Corporate website

Gradnja Milosavljević

Corporate website of a construction company from Kragujevac.

Simple informative website with all the necessary information about services and contact details.

Web Application

Flex Office

Another web platform through which companies can subscribe to the monthly rental of a virtual office in Belgrade

Another extremely complex web application with a multitude of algorithms and backend functionalities, which is also connected to the payment processor for online card payments.

korporativni sajt
web shop
Online Store

San Tex Shop

Online store for selling products of San Tex company from Arilje.

One of the first online stores we created.

Web Application


OfficeNow is a web platform through which companies can subscribe to the monthly rental of a virtual office in Belgrade

An extremely complex web application with a multitude of backend functionalities.

korporativni sajt
korporativni sajt ideo lux car
Corporate website

Ideo Lux Car

Corporate website of Ideo Lux Car company from Niš.

Ideo Lux Car offers personalized driving services with private chauffeurs.

Web Application

Tax Assist

Web platform through which companies can subscribe to monthly leasing of accounting services.

Complex web application with all the functionalities required for billing accounting services.

korporativni sajt
Web Application

Driving test simulation

For the Gold Signal driving school, we have created a realistic simulation of taking theoretical exams with an automatic check of the accuracy of answers.

Complete simulation of theoretical driving tests for driving schools, at the end of the test, the user receives information whether they passed or not.

Web Application

Viessmann Academy

A web application through which Viessmann service technicians can register for seminars.

Lecture calendar with automatic checking of occupied and available seats, automated notifications about the start of lectures, and much more.

web aplikacija
Informational Website

Tresije Monastery

Tucked away in the forests of Mount Kosmaj near Mladenovac and Sopot is the Tresije Monastery - a holy place that has been standing for 7 centuries.

Informative website of the Tresije monastery with all the necessary contact information and history.

Internet radio

Radio - Despot Serbian

In collaboration with Serbian Orthodox priests, we created the first Serbian internet radio of Serbian traditional music, DESPOT SRPSKI.

In addition to internet radio, this web portal offers information about all cultural events in Serbia, both in Serbian and English.

internet radio
Corporate Website

Mila Beauty Centar

Corporate site of Mila Beauty Center from Belgrade.

A simple corporate site in a minimalist style with easy navigation through the services offered by this company.

Web Application

MM Nekretnine

A web application developed for the needs of the agency MM Nekretnine Beograd for the rental of apartments.

Users are provided with a simple and intuitive way to search for available apartments, while the owner can manage the available apartments independently via the custom admin panel.
Corporate Website


Corporate website of the marketing agency Hypnodrom.

In addition to the corporate website that we created for Hypnodrom, we also have excellent cooperation with them because they regularly hire us when one of their clients needs the creation of a website or online store.

Online Store

Hefest Nameštaj

Online store for sale of handmade furniture in combination steel - solid wood.

The specificity of this web shop is that the price of the items is determined based on the shape and thickness of the wooden board, which required a solution that would satisfy that requirement and, in addition, be simple enough for the end user to order.

Corporate Website

Gold Signal Plus

Corporate website of the Gold Signal Plus driving school from Belgrade.

In addition to information about the driving school itself and classes, this site also has a simulation system for taking the theory test in real circumstances.

Corporate Website

Viessmann Makedonija

A site developed for Viessmann, intended for the territory of North Macedonia.

One of the 10 web systems we developed in cooperation with Viessmann.
Corporate Website

Termo Biro

Corporate website for the company Termo Biro.

A simple corporate site with information about services and references.

Corporate Website

Viessmann Albanija

Website with information about Viessmann products in the Albanian language.

Another of the 10 web systems we developed in cooperation with Viessmann.
Corporate Website

TMB Service

Corporate site for the TMB Service company from the United States of America.

The first site we created for a company from the territory of the USA.

Corporate Website

Plava Tona

Corporate site of a trucking company from Belgrade.

A classic corporate site of a trucking company with a system for online tour scheduling.
Corporate Website

About Us Doo

The corporate website of About Us Ltd., which provides IT services on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We also have developed cooperation with this company on the development of web systems for their clients.