Prices for the development of complete projects, such as websites, online stores or web applications, are not fixed and depend on various factors such as complexity and time required for development. For accurate and detailed information about the price of the complete project, please send us an inquiry via the contact form or email.

As for the maintenance of already completed projects, clients who opt for our annual or monthly maintenance packages enjoy a number of benefits, including priority work and a reduced hourly rate.

Prices of programming services

Service Price
Working hours for clients without subscription to regular maintenance
Developer hours 30 €
Priority developer hour 45 €
Annual maintenance packages
Annual maintenance - 6 priority working hours 150 € per year
Annual maintenance - 12 priority working hours 288 € per year
Annual maintenance - 24 priority working hours 552 € per year
Monthly maintenance packages
Monthly maintenance - up to 5 priority working hours 110 € monthly
Monthly maintenance - up to 10 priority working hours 210 € monthly
Monthly maintenance - up to 20 priority working hours 400 € monthly
Monthly maintenance - up to 40 priority working hours 760 € monthly
Mesečno održavanje - preko 40 prioritetnih radnih sati Upon request

Prices of marketing and SEO optimization services

Service Price
Creating campaigns for social networks 120 € monthly
Creating campaigns for Google search 120 € monthly
Combined advertising on Google and social networks 180 € monthly
SEO - site optimization for search engines 150 € monthly


Response time refers to the time that elapses from the moment you submit a request to the moment we start working on that request, not the time when the work will be completed.

Unused working hours are not carried over to the next month or year.

The minimum engagement time for clients without contracted annual or monthly maintenance is 1 hour, while clients with contracted regular maintenance have a minimum engagement time of half an hour.

Klijenti koji imaju dogovorenu pretplatu za redovno održavanje, ako potroše svoju kvotu radnih sati i imaju potrebu za dodatnim satima u nekom mesecu dobijaju prioritetne sate po istoj ceni koliko oni koštaju u paketu pretplate koji plaćaju.

The cost of advertising on Google and social networks refers to the creation of visuals and campaigns, not the cost of advertising itself, which is paid to Google and Meta.

SEO (site optimization) means taking actions aimed at improving the site's position on Google for desired keywords. We must emphasize that there are no guarantees for SEO and we cannot guarantee you what the results will be, the only thing we can guarantee is that we will do our best within our capabilities and present you with the results of our clients for whom we have already done SEO optimization.
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