Online sales have become a necessity for almost every business

If you sell any type of product, creating an online store will increase your traffic and make the sales process much easier.

In addition to needing to be easy for you to maintain, the web shop must be easy to use for your customers as well, but leave that to us.

Improve your business!

The process of creating an online store

Izrada internet prodavnica

Creating an online store is a simple process when you have a practiced approach. All you need to do is acquaint us with your requirements and we'll create a suitable web solution for your business.

The whole process takes only a few steps:

1. Getting to know your business: In order for the online store to deliver the desired results, it must be in perfect harmony with your business.

2. Structure of the web store: Accordingly, we will define the structure of the web store with the aim of making the ordering process as simple as possible for the end customer.

3. Design of the web shop: The first thing users see when they come to your web shop is how it looks, which is why the design must adhere to all the standards of modern e-commerce solutions.

4. Programming functionalities: The most important thing in creating a web store is to turn site visitors into customers, which we will ensure by implementing all the necessary functionalities.

5. Production testing: After the entire process of creating the web store is completed, testing begins in real conditions to ensure the least chance of disruptions in production.

Independently update the product database

You can maintain the complete database of products on the shop independently without additional payment for adding new or changing existing products.

In addition to creating the web store itself, we will provide you with an extremely simple administrative panel through which you will be able to independently add and delete items from your online store as well as track incoming orders.

You will also receive completely free training on how to use the admin panel as well as valuable advice on how to manage your web shop in the best possible way.

Why choose Young Soft?

Collaborate with a partner who has extensive experience in creating functional web shops that generate traffic (over 20 million in revenue has been generated by the web shops we've created so far)

Most of the online stores we've created have paid off in the first month, meaning they've generated more revenue in the first month of operation than the total cost of creating the web shop.

What will you get by partnering with us:

  • A reliable partner: You'll never be in a situation where we don't respond for days while the online store has a problem in the meantime; if we collaborate on monthly maintenance, you'll get a response time of just 24 hours!
  • Clearly defined deadlines: Just as we demand that our time be respected, we also respect your time. Therefore, every deadline we agree upon will be strictly adhered to.
  • Process tracking: Everything we do, we do according to a predefined process that you will also have insight into. You'll know at all times where we are in the collaboration, and together with us, you'll follow the process of creating your online store.
  • Defined offer: There are no hidden costs or additional surprises upon the completion of the initial collaboration. You will know the complete offer with the final price and deadline immediately after the initial confirmation of collaboration.
  • Manufacturing experience: We have experience working with dozens of clients for this type of service. In our portfolio you can see the web shops we've created so far and how they look, as well as which companies we collaborate with.

Inetrnet prodavnice koje smo mi napravili

The image shows some of the online stores we've created

Recognizable quality of service and cooperation

In our previous work, we have successfully completed over 100 web projects, many of which were extremely complex and required months of work, and so far we have not encountered an unsatisfied client; dedication and passion for this job are responsible for that, and also, all web shops of our clients are programmed by a graduate engineer who studied web programming.

When we talk specifically about the creation of web stores, among others, the quality of our service was recognized by Chip Card, a company within the Payten/Asseco group that deals with online payment processing.

When integrating their payment processor into the web store of one client, their Account Manager Uroš Katić contacted us and informed us that we set an impressive record in integration speed, after which we successfully collaborated on many demanding projects, and in early 2024, they directly hired us to develop and maintain their web systems.

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