Every site, even the expensive paid one, has to be redesigned after some time

redizajn sajta

As much as a new and modern website can contribute to your business, an old and outdated website can detract from it because it gives the impression of unprofessionalism and lack of dedication!

For this reason, it is very important that your site follows the most modern trends, therefore the site must be redesigned and rebuilt from time to time.

Give your website a new look and become competitive again on the web.

Website redesign process

Although the term 'site redesign' sounds like some kind of varnishing of the old site will be done to give it a new 'shine', site redesign is simply making your old site from scratch with a new, modern design and the latest technologies.

1. Analysis of your current site

Before starting any process regarding the reconstruction of your site, we must familiarize ourselves with your business through your old site.

2. Check for defects

We check whether your site only needs to be redesigned or if it lacks some crucial functionalities that should be added.

3. New design proposal

Based on the analysis, we will suggest a couple of solutions for how your site could look.

4. Redesigning the site

After all that, we give you an offer and a deadline for when your new website will be completed, and if the offer suits you, the redesign process begins.

prodes redizajna starog sajta

Recognizable quality of service and cooperation

In our work so far, we have successfully completed over 100 web projects, many of which were extremely complex and required several months of work, and so far we have not come across an unsatisfied client, this is due to the dedication and passion we have for this work, as well as all our clients' websites. it is programmed by a graduate engineer who trained in web programming.

When we specifically talk about website redesigns, we would highlight Loren Line, a company from Belgrade, for which we completed a comprehensive reconstruction and redesign of their site. Their own description of our relationship with them and the quality of service is evident in the Google review they provided: 'Top-notch professionalism, accuracy, expertise. All recommendations!!!'

Request an offer

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