Every business needs a website…

You've probably heard that countless times yourself, but when it comes to actual development, what most people are interested in is how to ensure that the website will fulfill its purpose.

The only guarantee that your website will deliver the expected results is for it to be done with quality, and we achieve that by following strictly established standards in website development, which we have established by working on more than 100 corporate websites over the years.

The Young Soft team has created websites for small local businesses as well as for large international corporations such as Chip Card (Payten/Asseco Group) and the German company Viessmann.

Website development in just a few steps

Building a website is a simple process when you have a tested development methodology. All you have to do is to tell what’s the purpose of website development and you’ll get a proper solution

The entire process unfolds in just a few steps:

1. Website purpose: First, we want to determine what you will use the website for so that we can develop the most suitable solution based on that.

2. Site structure: Based on the purpose, we will define the site structure with the aim of making it as intuitive as possible for the end user.

3. Website design: Then we will design your website, ensuring it has a modern and appealing appearance on all devices.

4. Programming and testing: Finally, we program all necessary functionalities and test the completed website to minimize the chance of errors occurring in production.

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Custom solution tailored exclusively for you

By collaborating with us, you will receive a personalized solution programmed in custom technologies to ensure that you stand out in the market and create your own brand. Additionally, it serves as an excellent foundation for further upgrades and maintenance.

We do not use free CMS solutions, which, alongside higher quality development, ensures faster website speed and better SEO, aiming for higher rankings on Google.

Why choose Young Soft?

One should be honest and assume that you've come across such offers many times before. Moreover, you've probably already purchased a service of this type, but the quality was lacking. True quality is not just in the offer. True quality lies in the process you're purchasing and can rely on, as well as in the experience that accompanies it.

What will you get by partnering with us:

  • A reliable partner: You will never find yourself in a situation where we do not respond for days, and if we establish collaboration and you opt for monthly maintenance, you will receive a response time of just 24 hours!
  • Strict adherence to deadlines: Just as we demand that our time be respected, we also respect your time. Therefore, every deadline we agree upon will be strictly adhered to.
  • Process tracking: Everything we do, we do according to a predefined process in which you will also have insight. You will know at all times where we are in the collaboration, and together with us, you will track the process of creating your website.
  • Defined offer: There are no hidden costs or additional surprises upon the completion of the initial collaboration. You will know the complete offer with the final price and deadline immediately after the initial confirmation of collaboration.
  • Manufacturing experience: We have experience working with over 100 clients for this type of service. In our portfolio you can see the websites we've created so far, how they look, and which companies we collaborate with.

Cost of creating a website

We understand that the amount of investment is one of the main factors when choosing a partner for creating a website. For this reason, and for the sake of transparency, we will strive to give you an approximate range. The cost of creating a website starts from 500 EUR for smaller, simpler sites and can go up to several thousand euros for large and complex corporate websites.

A simple website involves a template-based design without specific requirements, with a smaller number of pages and without complex functionalities.

If you need a website with a large number of pages or you desire specific design elements and complex functionalities such as multilingual support or independent administration of certain content, the price will increase with each additional requirement. It can reach several thousand euros because creating such a site demands much more time and resources.

Due to the wide range of functionalities that can be implemented, the only way to get an accurate quote is to send us an inquiry.

Request an offer

You can get an offer for website development by filling out this short form or by calling the phone number +381 65 906 1997