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Why are all the big companies investing in website development?

Remember any brand you use, search for it on Google and see if that company has its own website or rely only on an already built brand.

Of course they all have a website designed because the people who make decisions in these companies understand the huge impact of websites on business these days. More about the impact of a website on business

Creating a website becomes one of the first steps in your business development strategy because it gives you the opportunity to present your product or service to all the people on the Internet who currently have more than 4.6 billion.

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Become competitive

Creating a website opens the door to the online market. A lot of people search for products and services on the Internet even in smaller places. Your website gives you the opportunity to use that potential to expand your business and gain new customers.

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Get attention!

With a modern design and quality content, you will primarily look contemporary, and in addition, you will ensure that people who come to your website do not 'run away with their heads regardless' but become interested in the services and products you offer them! The impact of web design

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The main advantage you will get when you have your site is easy communication with customers. Have you launched a new action? How will anyone find out about it? You will easily hang it in a visible place on the home page of your site and the news will spread itself.


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What can we do for you?

We help companies become visible on the Internet. With a modern website with easy navigation, the necessary functionalities and good content, you will greatly influence customers to choose you in the sea of ​​competition.
Also, if you need professional photography of your products or premises, photo processing and video production, you can with us.

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The content of your site is crucial!


The most important segment of website design is customizing the content for your customers!

Stefan, the web developer who will make the site for you, in addition to web programming, also studied digital marketing. In addition to making your site search engine-optimized so that you can rank better on Google, the content itself will be tailored to your customers' eyes to keep them interested and on your site for as long as possible.

We will never say that we are the best developers in the world or in Serbia, but we do this job passionately and we look at every website we create as if we are doing it for ourselves because it ends up in our references and it may depend on whether the next a client who looks at our works decides to trust us, you can look at some of our works here

4 steps to your new site

1. Contact us and arrange a meeting online or live.
2. We give you suggestions but together we come up with the best idea for the look and content of your site
3. The development of the website is completed within the agreed deadline and all visual details are arranged.
4. Your new website becomes active and introduces you to the online market

Website maintenance after creation

Constant improvement and improvement is the key to success!

Once you have climbed to the first step of digital marketing by creating a corporate website, it is very important not to stop there. A website will be much more competitive if it is up to date and provides the latest information to customers about your services

Adding new content (articles, new products, notifications ...) will show your customers that you care about them, but in addition, Google will rank you better compared to sites that were only created and left for months or years in their original form.

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How much does it cost to create a website?

Website design prices

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Basic site

A representative website that contains all the information about your services and products

up to 10 pages (information and contact)

Design adapted to all devices

Basic SEO optimization

Picture gallery

Links to social networks

Domain lease and site hosting

Price from 199 €

A more complex website

A website with more serious content, more complex functionalities and a larger number of pages

up to 30 pages

Sorting and filtering content

Multilingual sites

Forms and validation of entered data

Picture gallery

Slider and other animations

Price from 299 €

Demanding web applications

Complex web applications that require more serious programming, such as web stores, configurators ...

Automated adding of content (users, products, categories ...)

Registration, Log in and Log out functions for users

Web stores

Automated e-mail sending

Site search

Price from 499 €

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