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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

The first step of digital marketing

Creating a website for your company


It will increase your sales

On Google, 70,000 people search for something every second, which is approximately 5.4 billion searches a day, including searches related to your business.


It will contribute to a professional look

According to Forbes, a business magazine, the first step towards a more professional look of the company is to create a modern website!


It will increase customer trust

A company present on the internet in the form of a website gets much more customer trust than one without a website because a good website is proof of credibility.

Website design

The primary activity of Young Soft is the development of websites. The modern design and quality content of the site that we will make for you will ensure an increase in sales.

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Web application development

Izrada web aplikacija sa kompleksnim funkcionalnostima kao što su sistemi rezervacija, automatizovano slanja emailova, automatsko generisanja faktura...

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Creating a web store

Creating web stores with a system for selling online. Easy navigation, search and products arranged by category will provide customers with easy online shopping.

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Sadržaj sajta koji ćemo Vam napraviti napisaćemo tako da Vama donosi prodaje!


The most important segment of website design is customizing the content for your customers!

In addition to web programming, which is certainly our primary activity, we also deal with digital marketing. This means that in addition to the website we make for you being well-optimized for search engines in order to rank better on Google, we will tailor the content to your customers' eyes to interest them and keep them on your site for as long as possible and increase sales chances.

Good design is most important when it comes to first impressions when entering a site, it will depend on whether someone who enters your site will stay on the site or will leave the site as soon as they open it. But if the text on the site is not good, you will not sell through the site, even if the design was so good that it looks like it is from the next century.

For this reason, we actively participate with you in devising the content of the site to ensure that the new site brings you new sales.


Years of experience


Napravljenih web sajtova


Napravljenih web aplikacija


Izrađenih Web prodavnica

Young Soft

Young Soft is a company based in Mladenovac not far from Belgrade. The primary activity we deal with is b2b web programming, ie the development of websites and web applications for our clients, we also deal with digital marketing and multimedia.

This means that our clients receive a full range of services when it comes to the appearance on the Internet, from organizing professional painting and recording of rooms, products and services, through processing these materials to creating a website, optimization and advertising on social networks and Google .

So far, we have only created over 40 web presentations for both small local businesses and international corporations.

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Maintaining and improving your website

If you want your site to operate successfully, you must dedicate yourself to it

It is important not to leave the website for years in the form in which it was originally created. Just as your car occasionally needs a small service to make it work properly, so your website needs to be up-to-date and provide the latest information to customers about your services in order to be more competitive.

Adding new content (articles, new products, notifications ...) will show your customers that you care about them, but in addition, Google will rank you better compared to sites that were only created and left for months or years in their original form.

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odrzavanje web sajta

How much does it cost to create a website?

Website design prices

Corporate website

Informative web presentation of your company.

Price from 300 €

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Web stores

Web store for online sales of your products.

Price from 500 €

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Web applications

A website that implements complex functionalities

Cena na upit

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