A website becomes much better if it’s more useful for the users

Users will buy your services and products as easily as you make the purchase easier for them. Web applications are the perfect tool for that, given that they allow you to improve the user experience through advanced functionalities.

This can be done, for example, through a calculator that will allow users to calculate the price of the service even before calling you on the phone. And there may be some other, specific functionality that will make the purchase process easier for them.

It is up to you to introduce us to the business, and it is up to us to propose a web solution based on that that will make your work easier, and your customers will speed up and make it easier to buy from you.

The process of developing a web application

When developing a web application, it's your job to acquaint us with your needs, whether you'd like to accelerate sales, collect leads, or automate a business process, and it's our job to suggest appropriate solutions for that.

Process automation

The most important thing is that you tell us what problem you would like to solve by creating a web application so that we can offer you the optimal solution


After that, we will develop a prototype based on the ideas you presented, we will present the solution to you and after approval we will start programming

Develop a web app

You will be informed of the deadlines before the actual development, and during the development you will be regularly informed about the progress of the work, after the completion of the application it will become active and available to you and your users.

Izrada web aplikacija

The experience of a client for whom we programmed 4 web applications

For the accounting agency AB lux from Belgrade, we created 4 extremely complex web applications, the development of which we worked on for a total of over half a year. Marko, the owner of the agency, described his experience in cooperation with us in a testimonial that he voluntarily left for us on Google.

I had the privilege of collaborating with Young Soft on the development of a web application and the impression is only positive. Such dedication to the client, such an effort to make sure everything is on time, such correctness, frankly, is rarely seen. They created web applications for me, implemented payment by card with the help of the Chip Card payment institution, implemented automatic issuing of invoices, automatic creation of booking orders for bookkeeping and various other functionalities. 7-8 years ago I created a web application with some other developers, first with one , then followed up with another... who were senior developers at large firms where they worked, and the experience was completely different. So for a long time I avoided making an app. I was skeptical that I would find a developer who would meet the deadlines even to some extent and who would meet the expectations. However, I have only words of praise for Stefan. If you want a good programmer who is also responsible, who keeps his word and provides even more than expected - hire Stefan and see for yourself! Of course, we continue to cooperate further, on the improvement and maintenance of applications, and on SEO optimization.

Web app benefits

Web apps give you an added advantage for your business. Their role is to allow users additional functionalities to make the experience of using the website much better

Improve your business model

The primary benefit is to help you improve your business, and do it through additional options for users

Improve the buying process

In the practical sense, it should help your users to complete the purchasing process, so it’s a custom solution developed specifically for your business model

Lasting solution

Finally, it should be a lasting solution. It should work and help you achieve your goals until you decide to change or improve your business model

Recognizable quality of service and cooperation

In our work so far, we have successfully completed over 100 web projects, many of which were extremely complex web applications, and so far we have not come across a dissatisfied client, this is due to the dedication and passion we have for this work, and also all our clients' web applications are programmed by graduates an engineer who trained in web programming.

When we talk specifically about the creation of web applications, we would single out the multi-year cooperation with the Belgrade branch of the German company Viessmann

For Viessmann Belgrade, we have created 3 extremely complex web applications that make it much easier for users to find an offer for a heating, cooling and solar power plant system.

Request an offer

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