How did the entrepreneur from Mladenovac start selling his products all over Serbia?

This is the story of a proactive entrepreneur from Mladenovac who, due to a good decision, achieved better business results than he himself expected.

Namely, the company Laki Industry, which has been engaged in the production and sale of quality work uniforms for many years, decided this year to offer its products to customers outside of Mladenovac.

Laki Industry

The first option to achieve this was to open a new shop in Belgrade, because there are a larger number of potential customers in a big city, but this entails huge initial investments and the need to hire new workers, as well as a series of administrative entanglements.

The second option, the one that this company finally decided on, was creating a quality online store and entering the online market of the whole of Serbia.

Another young entrepreneur from Mladenovac, 25-year-old electrical engineering and computing engineer Stefan Stanković, was hired to create the web store, that is, the company Young Soft Mladenovac.

After a 45-minute meeting over coffee, where the owner of the Laky Industry company presented Stefan with his ambitions and wishes for expanding the market, the process of creating a web shop could begin.


Very soon after the meeting and based on the request, proposals were received for the design of the site, functionalities to be implemented as well as a proposal for an online sales strategy.

The given deadline for the creation of the online store was 4 weeks, but the web shop became available to customers on the Internet after 3 weeks, and that's when we started promoting the new web store.

The magic could begin

Stefan was hired again to manage the advertising campaigns, in the first month of advertising it was decided to go in with limited funds because the web shop had just been created and we didn't know what the response would be but...

Only in the first 10 days of advertising so many products were sold through the web store that the entire investment in the creation of the website and in advertising was returned, I repeat only in the first 10 days!

An interesting detail is that the orders came from all over Serbia, from Novi Sad, via Čačak and Sjenica, to Užice and Niš, these are all places hundreds of kilometers away from Mladenovac, and we can definitely say that without an online store, none of these sales would be possible. would happen.

Mapa Srbije

One order was even over 200 euros, and considering that the work uniforms produced by Laki Industry are of very high quality, we are sure that all customers will be satisfied and at some point will order products again independently through the web store.

Are you also in the trade?

If the answer is yes, and yes, if you are engaged in sales of any kind, it is time to stop limiting yourself only to customers from your area and to offer your products to customers from all over Serbia.

Contact Stefan by calling the phone number 0659061997, by sending an email to or through ours contact form, arrange that meeting and sell your products throughout Serbia and the region.

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