The impact of a website on business

uticaj web sajta

Your website can be your strongest marketing 'weapon'. Not only is it a place where your customers and clients find out who you are and what you offer them, but it has a huge impact on their purchasing decision. In fact, only 3% of the 200 customers interviewed, about companies of all sizes, say the company’s website has no impact on their purchasing decision.

The impact of a professional website on customer purchasing decisions has drastically increased in the last 4 years. According to the survey, 74% of customers say that the website of the seller or service provider has at least some influence on their final decision to choose them. This is 23% more than in 2015 and represents a huge increase in the impact of the website

Jasno je da svaka ozbiljna firma mora iskoristiti prednost ove moći. Sa dobro dizajniranim web sajtom će postići sledeće:

A more professional look will make you worthy of consideration and present yourself as an authority in your work.