The impact of web design on seo, your brand and more

Do you think that web design should be an isolated part of your marketing efforts?

If the answer is yes, you are probably following a myth!

uticaj web dizajna

What you need to know today is that it can set your business backwards in many ways. Web design, while certainly important from an aesthetic point of view, encompasses much more. From SEO and traffic to branding, the web design of your website affects your overall online presence.

Many companies and professionals understand that web design is important, but do they really know why?

It’s time to stop being content with shallow answers and start analyzing the facts. Web design is important - but why? And what impact does that have on other aspects of your business?

The importance of good web design

Design elements are exponentially more powerful than content, in terms of distrust. According to the research, when asked to explain why they do not trust the website, 94 percent of visitors directly commented on the elements of web design, while only 6 percent referred to certain content. Although the study focused on health websites, it seems practical to transfer the same basic principles to other industries.

Web design may be the most important, but content is still vital. When asked by the same participants to state the reasons why they trust certain websites, the content played a role in 83 percent of the responses. People love sites that are informative, relevant, fresh, clear and unbiased.

Both content and web design are incredibly important, and in addition they go hand in hand. Without a quality design, visitors are unlikely to take the time to read content in which you have invested time.

When approaching web design with SEO in mind, you need to think long term. Design trends come and go, but your brand and online presence will last longer. Too much focusing on passing design trends can be problematic, but you also don’t want to completely ignore current styles.