Why should every auto parts store have its own website?

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No matter what industry you operate in, your company should exist on the Internet in the form of a website for several reasons, you will look more professional, you will instill more trust and people who do not know about you will be able to find you on Google.

When it comes to selling auto parts, there is an even more important presence on the web for two reasons.

You trade first, and a recent survey found that 88% of customers first research a product online and only then decide to buy it. If your store does not have a website, that customer will be informed on the website of your competition about the product he is interested in and will most likely become their customer and not yours.

Secondly, when you create a website, if you create an online ordering system, you will sell your products not only in your environment but also to customers who are from another part of the country.

Advertise in your city as well

One of the bigger misconceptions of shop owners in smaller places is that everyone in their place knows about them and that they don't need marketing.

This is absolutely not true, consider how many shops of various activities there are in your place and ask yourself if you know about each of them, what it does and where it is located.

If you have a website, you can easily start a facebook campaign that will be shown to people within a radius of, for example, 20 kilometers from your store and thus first make people aware that your business exists and secondly you will slowly create a brand.

Web shop for the sale of auto parts

An even better solution than a corporate website for your business would be a web store where you would allow people to easily find the products they need on your site by category and order them from you.

As I said, this would allow people who are not from your place to buy from you, and it would make it easier for people from your place to find out that you are selling those products.

The price?

The price depends on whether you would like a representative site where you would put information about your store, where it is located and what you have on offer, or you want a web store with an ordering system.

If you only want a representative website the price would be around € 250 for a site up to 20 pages.

If you still want to get a little more serious about digital marketing and create a web store, the price would be around 500 euros.

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