What can a website contain?

If you are wondering what all this can be done on one website, the answer is simple and it has all the magic of web programming, everything you can imagine can be done.

Of course your website will have a home page, a couple of extra pages, a contact, some kind of web shop if you sell items and not services but I didn't mean that when I said you can do anything you can imagine

And what I meant, if, for example, you have a car service, for customers who come to your site, you can create a page where they will fill out a mini questionnaire about their car and the algorithm will immediately give them an answer whether you have it in your service. what they need, and if you don't have one, then they will get a date when you could get the necessary part the fastest.

If you are engaged in heating, as the company Viessmann, with which I have been cooperating for years, you can create a complete configurator in which users will enter all the data of their house, place of residence and other necessary data and give them the best possible heating solutions. their situation

Configurator on the novogrejanje.com website that we created:


If you run a driving school, you can make it easier for your students and insert all traffic signs and their meanings on your website with a nice popup animation, add complete simulations of theoretical tests and thus attract new customers to choose you.

Simulations of the theoretical test we made:


Do you deal with transport and need a good administration system for arranging tours? No problem, there will be a form on your site that will fill out your customers in a minute or two and schedule transportation when they need it.

You can get information about scheduled tours in a tabular view to your email address, or we can create an admin part of your site to which only you will have access, and all scheduled tours will be listed there.

A similar system we made:


Now that we’ve given you a couple of ideas consider how much you could make it easier for yourself and your customers with some system that will speed up and modernize your business