This is a small town, everything is known in it. Or isn't that so?

Did you know that there are currently over 1000 registered companies in Mladenovac? If you're not weird, I didn't even know her until I started writing this text.


The marketing of most of these companies comes down to creating a Facebook and Instagram page or possibly a post in the group For a Better Mladenovac until the admin notices and deletes it.

One of the biggest misconceptions of business owners in smaller cities, such as ours, is that everyone knows about you, so there is no need to dedicate yourself to marketing, but it will go by itself.

That is somewhat true, but let's ask yourself how many of these 1000+ companies you know what they do, where they are and what they offer.

There are people outside Mladenovac who can become your customers

You have already started your company and let's say that for now you are doing well only because of the location in the city and a good image, but what about potential customers who are not from our city?

You may think that no one comes to Mladenovac except politicians when a road needs to be opened or possibly someone who comes to Selters for rehabilitation, but that is not the case.

Let's go in order:

Which mountain will the people of Belgrade go to if they have set aside only one day for that? On Avala or Kosmaj.

kosmaj planina

How many guest workers come to Mladenovac on vacation for two weeks and spend the rest of the year over?

How many people who are not from Mladenovac pass through our city in transit every day?

There are still many situations that I could mention, but even the ones I have listed are quite enough to see the potential of customers outside our city.

Some of them will need a service or product that you offer when they are in Mladenovac or nearby.

How will any of them know that you are providing the service they need if they can't find you on the Internet?

Website as a basic marketing weapon for business expansion

Let's say that you are a vulcanizer and that someone who went to Kosmaj and is not from Mladenovac has a flat tire somewhere on Gazela, what is the first thing that man will do?

flat tire

After removing the car from the road, he will take the phone, open Google and type in „vulcanizer mladenovac“.

At that point, either your site will appear there or it will become a new customer of your competition who has a site - as simple as that!

Now you can say yes but it is a situation that happens once in 10 years, firstly it is not and secondly and yes it is and this man will recommend you to his acquaintances if you do the job properly, therefore more people will hear about you just because you had a website website.

Situation 2: You are engaged in trade at the local level

If you sell anything that can be packaged and sent by express mail, why would you limit yourself to only people who will physically enter your store when you can very easily send your products to customers throughout Serbia and the region?

It does not cost 100 ducats to create a web store that will allow people to buy from you online, and will open the doors of the internet market where hundreds of thousands of people a day in Serbia alone search for various products, including what you offer for sure, but can not buy from you because you didn't allow it!

You can read about the process of creating a website in our a complete guide to the website development process.

Young Soft Mladenovac - New IT company in our city

In 2020, Mladenovac got another company - Young Soft.

Young Soft is engaged in the development of websites, web applications and web stores for clients throughout Serbia.

So far, we have created over 30 sites for both small local businesses and international corporations such as Germany's Viessmann, which profits over 2.5 billion euros a year, and VIVAX Pharma, a pharmaceutical company operating in 13 European countries.

Take a look at some of the sites we've worked on on the page references, and if you need a website contact us so let's start making your website.