A complete guide through the process of creating a website - From idea to realization

Pre-step: Decision

If you are planning to start your own business or you are already active, the first thing you think about is what to offer to your potential customers. If you are lucky you will have a product or service unique enough to attract a large number of customers on its own. But in most cases, that is not the case, but you have to dedicate yourself well to marketing.

If it was 1921 today, it would probably have occurred to you first to place an ad in a local newspaper, possibly on the radio, but since we live a century later, those methods do not give the best results. Today, if you want anyone to take you seriously and competitively, you simply have to have your own website and explain to your clients on the smallest details why they buy what you offer from you.

Why is it so? The Internet has become our daily routine, most of the news and trends we find on websites. Just ask yourself how much time you spend daily on social networks, which by the way are very complex websites (web applications), you will understand how much potential there is on the Internet and how much you lose if you are not present on the web

When we have seen all this, the logical sequence of events is that you will decide to create a website for your new or existing business and thus open the door to the online market.


The first step: finding a web developer

If you do not handle web programming yourself or possibly using one of the website builders or CMS (Website Creation Program), the first step towards your website will be to find a quality web developer who will create the website for you.

This is the most important step of all because if you make a mistake here after it is done it will not give the desired results and you will have to go back to the beginning with the lost investment and more importantly with the lost time

How to find a good web developer, simply, find an agency that has made websites for the world's biggest giants that make billionaire profits annually and you have certainly found good developers, but in order for them to make a website for you, be prepared to invest tens of thousands of euros in depending on the complexity of the site, another slightly more popular solution is to find quality and not so expensive developers (I intentionally did not use the term cheap).

The problem with this second solution is how do you know if someone is good or not? The best way to make sure that the programmer you choose a website will do well is to look at some of his work (references) and make sure he knows what he is doing, in addition to seeing if he is working with some successful companies and which are that firm

If we take us as an example in ours references you will find the sites we have worked on, look at their designs, the functionalities they have and decide if you would like your site to be made by the developer who made those sites. In addition, you will see that we work with large companies such as Viessmann and this gives us another social proof that we are quality

Step Two: An idea

Devising the concept of a website will decide whether the right people will come to your site, or whether the site will be visited by people who actually want to buy your product or service. In addition, it will decide how many people will stay on your site.

Why is it important? The whole point of creating a website is to promote your business and gather new customers. In order for someone to become your customer, you must interest them, and if your website is not designed properly, there is no clear path through the pages and good navigation, even for hot customers, that is. those who have already decided to buy the service you offer will lose them because they will go to a site of your competition that is made properly with a nice design and most likely they will get the customer you just lost.


So the idea, let's take the example of deep washing. How would I design a website for you? In addition to the basic pages that every website must have such as home and contact page, I would add to your site a page showing 'before and after' or you would paint the same car from the same position before and after deep washing and with some nice animation I would clearly show the user what they get with your service because that is the whole point.

While, for example, if you sell heating appliances, this concept would be a total failure, because what difference can a client feel when they see a picture of a basement with or without a boiler? On such a website, it is much more efficient to show the savings that your existing customers achieve with your heating or add a simple configurator that will facilitate the search for new heating and return the client the best heating recommendation within minutes and save the days he would spend on further research.

You can already see here how much it affects the choice of web developer who will create a website for you, because if he does not have a sense of the concept in vain, he is a good web developer.

Third step: Preparation of materials

The content of a website is the most important thing when it comes to creating a website, if a segment needs the most time I would say it is this one. Good content will provide what we have already mentioned so that people who come to your site stay there until they decide to buy a service or product from you.

In order for the content to be good, it is necessary to prepare good material in the form of photos, videos, well-written texts and descriptions. If you already have good photos of your store, products and completed services, great, but if you don't, it would be good to hire a photographer to make them for you because they will give 'life' to your site and show the client exactly what you want. to choose you

Videos and texts are also very good material for your website, because there are people who like to read but there are also those who prefer to watch and listen. And I repeat, no one who comes to your site wants to drop and leave it to the competition.

To summarize, prepare quality photos and videos that will be on your site and write texts that will sell your service or product

Step Four: Programming

After the prepared material, part of the work we do begins, and that is web programming. That is, the concrete creation of your website with all the necessary pages and functionalities

Depending on the complexity of the website or application, this process can range from one day for the simplest websites to several months for the most complex projects.

Your only task during this step will be to tell you if you don't like some of the concepts that the developer came up with to change it.

Step Five: Domain

When the programming of the website is completed, it is necessary to lease the domain and hosting on which the website will be located.

What is a domain and what is it for? A domain is the name of your website and it serves so that search engines can know the address of your website and thus direct people who are looking for you in the right place.

To make it clearer to you, the domain of this website is izradisajt.rs. Why it is important to choose a good domain, the first reason is obvious is that the domain is easy to remember because if someone remembers your domain and cannot find you on Google, they will be able to return to your site. Another reason is positioning on Google, if you are engaged in heating, it is good to find that word in the domain as well, because that increases the chance of better positioning on Google search.


The problem we come across here is that most good domains are already busy so you have to be creative right now with designing domains for your website

Step 6: Google Analytics and Google Search Console

When the website is completely finished, you need to link your site to the Google Search Console so that it is indexed as soon as possible and starts appearing in search.

You can do it yourself or the web developer who made your website can do it for you. When we create a website this is included in the design of the website itself.

To keep track of how many people come to your website, how much time they spend, which pages they view and what their behavior is in order to further improve the website, it is a good idea to link the site to Google Analytics. This needs to be done again by the web developer and it is also an integral part of website development when it comes to us.


Step Seven: Social Networking

We have already mentioned the influence of social networks in today's world. Hundreds of millions of people sign up for one of the social networks every day, I believe that this information is enough to explain why it is important to connect a website with social networks.

When programming, I consider it mandatory to use so-called Open Graph tags, these are tags that serve to customize the display of your site when sharing on social networks. That is, when you place a link to your website on one of the social networks, the display will be with a picture and with the appropriate text, and not just a bare blue link that will not attract anyone to click on it.

In addition, it is desirable to engage as much as possible on social networks, firstly to attract new visitors to your newly created website and secondly, Google itself looks at the ranking and how many times the website is shared on networks

Step 8: Google Ads and online advertising

This step is optional but certainly desirable. Unless you have some crazy luck or haven’t invested huge money in SEO optimization it’s very likely that you won’t appear on the first page of Google search for at least a while.

One way to still appear on the first page of Google is Google Ads, where you set the desired daily budget, target people, locations and keywords, and for these parameters you will be on the first page.

Also, the second type of advertising on social networks works similarly to Google Ads, except that the ads appear on Facebook and Instagram and not in Google search.

You can do all this yourself, and we can do it for you.

Last step: Maintenance

We finished the whole process, the site became active and brought you new clients. The mistake that is made here is to leave the site in its original state as it was created.

You need to constantly add new content and be competitive on the Internet and I do not mean prices but I mean the content of your website you should always offer more customers than other websites and this can only be achieved by regular maintenance of the site.


You can add new content to the site yourself from the admin panel or the developer can add it directly to the code of the website. What are the pros and cons? If you want to add content yourself, the initial creation of the website will cost you a lot more because the web developer has to program the entire system of entering new content, but you will not have the cost of the developer, and if the developer does that, then the initial price will be lower. something needs to be added to the site.

What is the cost of creating a website?

The price of a website depends exclusively on the complexity, ie the time that the developer needs to fulfill all the requirements you have

Ukoliko želite reprezentativni web sajt gde ćete samo dati informacije o svojoj firmi, galeriju sa par slika i kontakt stranicu za to ćete izdvojiti oko 100 eura. Ako pored toga želite dodatne stranice, moderne animacije, neke formulare za prijavljivanje cena će eksponencijalno rasti. Najskuplji projekti od svih su automatizovane web aplikacije odnosno aplikacije koje podržavaju sitem registracije korisnika, ograničavaju ponašanje korisnika na osnovu njegove uloge, sistemi proizvoda sa kategorijama, filtriranjem i sortiranjem, automatizovano slanje emailova, sistem dodavanja u korpu i porudžbine za takve projekte ćete izdvojiti od 500 eura pa na više ponovo u zavisnosti od toga šta sve želite