6 reasons why you need a website

Reason 1: 30 percent of consumers will not consider a business without a website.

Your website is your first representation because we live in the digital age. People usually spend about 24 hours a week online and up to 5 hours a day on their mobile phones. Now, customers expect companies to be present on the Internet and companies that do not have a website will be considered less professional.

Reason 2: People are looking for you online

One of the benefits of owning a small business site is that it is where the customers are. This is why so many companies are investing in their websites. Believe it or not, 3.5 billion times a day something is searched on Google, at this moment it is likely that there is someone in your environment who is looking for your business. Who do you think will get that customer? You won't!


Reason 3: Most consumers use sites to find and contract deals

Yes, according to a US survey from April 2017, 63 percent of consumers primarily use the website to find and contract deals. It is a very large clientele. More reasons for your business to get a website? Research has also shown that clients use an average of three sources before making a decision, 30 percent automatically quit if the company does not have a website.

Reason 4: 75 percent of customers admit to making a judgment about a firm’s credibility based on the design of their site

Not owning a website makes customers trust you less. In fact, in 2018, 75 percent of people admitted to making a decision about a company’s credibility based on the design of their site. People are more willing to do business with companies they trust, and a website is the first place they go to check accreditation, ratings and awards.


Reason 5: You need to answer the basic questions quickly

We live in a time where we all want everything now. When people look for the service company they need, they want to know three things right away, and those are: Who you are, what you offer them and how to contact you. You agree that you will find it hard to find a faster way to answer these three questions without a website

Reason 6: Social media ads are becoming less effective

You think you don’t need a website because you have Facebook. You need a website even if you have a Facebook page. And guess what, it's getting harder for companies to connect with customers through that platform. Just a week after Facebook's last algorithm upgrade, targeted advertising fell even lower than it had before. In 2018, people spent 50 million fewer hours on Facebook than was the case in 2017.