Young Soft Mladenovac

Young Soft is a company based in Mladenovac not far from Belgrade. The primary activity we deal with is b2b web programming, ie the development of websites and web applications for our clients, we also deal with digital marketing and multimedia.

This means that our clients receive a full range of services when it comes to the appearance on the Internet, from organizing professional painting and recording of rooms, products and services, through processing these materials to creating a website, optimization and advertising on social networks and Google .


We are a team of young people with the zeal to work who look at internet technologies and technology in general with enthusiasm and a constant desire to improve and acquire new knowledge and skills.

For each of the areas of business we deal with, we have a team member whose specialty is narrower and we think it is a winning combination. What does this mean for our clients? This means that if they need photo and video materials, both for the website and for advertising in general, they will get a person who is primarily engaged in photography and video production, while our web developer will prepare a website or web application for them.

And after that, if they decide to start a marketing campaign, the whole team gets involved in the process of creating graphics, writing texts and targeting your target group.

Our Services

As we have already said, our primary activity is the creation and maintenance of websites, but in addition we can help you with running social networks, advertising on Google and social networks, as well as on-site SEO optimization. You can see all our services here