Why is it important to maintain a website both for your customers and for your rank on Google?

Once you have made a good decision and created a website for your company, no matter if it is a corporate website or a web store, you have the choice to maintain and constantly improve your website or to leave it in its original form as it was created.

Yes, it is definitely better to have a website than not to have one at all, because it will exist on Google and people will be able to find your website if they search for your company name, but leaving the website in its original form for years is a very bad decision. reasons:

First of all, if you created a site 7.8 years ago and left it in the form it was on the first day, when someone enters your site, they will first see an outdated design and you will automatically lose their trust.

In addition, the information on the site will be as old as the site itself, and in that period something has certainly changed, whether it is the products you offer, their prices, address or any other information.

When you are called by a client who first visited your site and only then contacted you and asked for something that you no longer have on offer, you will act totally unprofessional when you say that you have not had this product since 2015 and it is still on the site.

Another if not more important then at least equally important thing is Google ranking.

Google doesn't like inactive sites that don't change their content for months, let alone change a single image or sentence over the years.

Google occasionally visits sites that are already set up and it knows when the content of a site changes, if the content of your site does not change for a long period of time its algorithm will say so wait my users are interested in information that is up to date and not information from 5 years ago the place of your site will be set by the site of your competition which deals with the content of the site and your site will be lowered in the search.

What does site maintenance include?

Simply put, every change on the site is maintenance, even if it was a change of working hours or address.

    Website maintenance includes:
  • adding new pages to the site
  • adding new and modifying existing content
  • adding, modifying and deleting products
  • adding and deleting images
  • adding new effects such as a slider image on the home page
  • change the title and description of the pages

How often should a website be maintained

Monthly maintenance is quite sufficient for most corporate websites. Once a month, the programmer should review the statistics and based on that see whether to change the title, description and, if necessary, the text itself for more conversions.

In addition, you should review whether any errors have occurred in the meantime that need to be fixed and whether all functionalities are working properly.

And of course it would be good to add a page, news or blog post every month to give your people who access your site new content and Google a new indexing page and thus show him that the site is active.

How much does website maintenance cost?

Site maintenance will cost as much as there is maintenance work, if it is a corporate website for basic monthly site maintenance you will set aside a few tens of euros, but if it is a complex web application maintenance will certainly cost a few hundred per month.

To be a little more precise, if you add a couple of pages (blog post, new product, some action ...) to your site every month, you have a general change on the site (price change, changes in some text ...) for maintenance you will set aside about 50 euros per month.

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