What is a web store?

Simply put, a web store is a site that contains a mechanism for ordering products online.

Running online sales is facilitated by a personalized admin panel that we create for each company and through which they can easily access information such as records of products sold, money earned through the web shop, completed orders and orders that have not yet been sent.

Also, so that the order that occurs does not miss the owner, the notification that a new order has occurred can arrive by email or phone number with each due order

Is a web store needed in the business you do?

If in the business you do exclusively offer services, then in your case, creating a web store does not make much sense, it makes more sense to create a website with an online scheduling system that would allow you easier management.

But if you are engaged in any type of trade, then a good web shop has great potential to develop your business, increase sales and multiply profits.

The benefits of a web store

The most important advantage that businesses with a web shop have over those that do not yet have it is that people from all over the country and not just from their place can access their products.

If you only have a physical store in, say, Novi Sad, do you think that someone from Leskovac will get in the car and go to Novi Sad to buy sneakers from you, no matter how good they were?

Of course not because it doesn't pay off in money or time, but if you have a web shop and all he has to do is click on 3 buttons and his sneakers arrive the next day, you will most likely sell the sneakers to someone if you didn't have a web shop.

Another very important advantage is that the web shop works 24/7 every day and whenever someone wants to buy the product you offer they can do it online.

Time required to create a web store

The production time varies depending on the functionality you want to have on the web shop, for example whether you want an admin panel where you will add products and categories yourself or you want us to maintain the web shop after the creation.

For an average web store with a couple of categories that have several subcategories, a site search system and online ordering, it takes a couple of weeks to a month to create.

But if you have a huge number of products by categories that need to be inserted and you want complex product filtering eg based on color, automated content addition, email marketing system… then the creation can take several months.

The price of making a web store

The cost of creating a web store also varies depending on your requirements, if you want an average web store with up to 100 products that we would include, the price would be around 500 euros.

If you also want a system through which you could later add, delete and change products, the price would be higher by about 100-150 euros, depending on the complexity of the product (whether they only have a description or also have characteristics, reviews…)

And for the most complex web shops that can take several months to create prices, maybe thousands.

If you need to create a web store, call Stefan, our web developer, on the phone number 0659061997 or send us an email via our contact form