Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Stefan Stanković

Hello, I am Stefan Stanković. I am 27 years old, I am a graduate electrical engineer and computer science. I started my professional journey at the School of Information and Communication Technologies in Belgrade, where I graduated in Internet Technologies with a specialization in web programming.

During my studies, I attended and passed dozens of courses related to web design, web programming, database design, and internet technologies in general. I graduated in 2020 with an average grade of 8.2.

Even then, I gained my first practical experiences, as the curriculum of this college is designed in such a way that before graduating, every student has to create 8 complete websites through the practical part of courses related to web design and programming.

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Stefan Stankovic

Work Experience

After graduation, I decided to embark on the entrepreneurial path, and just a month after graduating, I opened my own business. Today, I have full 5 years of professional experience and over 100 independently completed web projects, ranging from informational corporate websites and e-commerce platforms to complex web applications.

Besides working on independent projects, for 2 years I also collaborated with Milena Čančarević, an assistant at the Higher School of Information and Communication Technologies, where I was responsible for the backend part of projects (REST API).

The majority of projects (over 95%) were done in PHP Laravel Framework, making it the framework where I have the most experience.


Considering that I mostly work independently, I have knowledge in design, frontend and backend programming, as well as database design. Technologies I have been working with on a daily basis since the beginning of my career include:

Web design: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap | Frontend: JavaScript (jQuery) | Backend: PHP Laravel | Database: MySQL | CMS: WordPress and AEM

html css bootstrap javascript jquery php laravel mysql wordpress aem

Among other tasks, I have worked on automated generation of PDF files, Excel files, automated email sending with tracking of open rates and clicks, automated SMS messaging, integration with payment gateways for credit card payments, automated recurring monthly billing, automated generation of QR codes, CRON jobs, and much more.

I have experience working with various APIs including Mailgun, Twilio, Google Maps API, Flash API, MerchantSafeUniPay API, and the NBS API for generating NBS QR codes.

On several projects, I have also worked on developing admin panels for tracking various statistics, sending newsletters to users, as well as CRUD operations on the database with validation, filtering, and sorting. For projects where I developed REST APIs, I also worked with Swagger for easier communication with the frontend.

I would also like to emphasize that the projects I work on rank exceptionally well in Google search, with the majority of them appearing on the first page for relevant keywords. Additionally, my website ranks highly for keywords such as web shop development, e-commerce website development, web application development, and more.


Viessmann Beograd: I have been collaborating with the Belgrade branch of this major German company since the beginning of my professional career, and so far, I have developed 10 highly complex web applications for the territories of Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, and Bulgaria. The developed web applications, besides having highly demanding frontend functionalities, also feature extremely complex backend components and admin panels.

Projects for Viessmann: Main corporate website, Heating configurator, Solar panel configurator, Air conditioning configurator, Lecture calendar, Error code finder, Blog website with news, in addition to these websites, there were also internal projects for administrative purposes that are not publicly available.

Chip Card AD Beograd (Payten/Asseco group): Collaboration with Chip Card started in 2022 after integrating their payment processor into one web application, setting a record for integration speed. Due to this, I received an offer from Chip Card's Account Manager to work on implementing the payment system for their clients. I integrated Chip Card's payment system into numerous projects, each time in record time. As a result, in 2024, I was hired to reconstruct their corporate website, where I have been working on maintenance since then.


Considering that I operate through my own legal entity, I am available exclusively for part-time remote collaboration under a technical-business cooperation agreement between your and my company. Therefore, I pay my own contributions and you do not need to register me as your employee.

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