A good website is a great foundation, but without good marketing you will be far from the best results

reklamiranje na drustvenim mrezama

Creation of a website is certainly a good decision if you still don't have a website, but staying only on the website and expecting it to magically triple your sales by itself is unrealistic.

Of course, more people will be able to hear about your products because now you exist on the Internet and you can be found on Google, but that is far from the maximally used potential of the site.

Make the most of your website with social media advertising.

If you have an online store, social networks are the right place for you

Creating an online store has brought many of our clients customers from all over Serbia, but the profit generated by the web store with and without advertising is of two dimensions.

svest o brendu

Increase in turnover

What is certain is that the traffic on your web store will increase when you start advertising your products on social networks

Brand awareness

In addition to sales and traffic, advertising raises awareness of your brand and acquires regular customers.

Flexible investment

The best thing is that you can decide whether to pay 2 or 200 euros a day for advertising.

Account setup and first month completely free!

In order to make sure that the cooperation is mutually beneficial, the first month of campaign creation is completely free of charge.

So all you have to do is connect the card to the ads account, from which Facebook will deduct money for the advertisement itself, and you get our part of the work around creating campaigns completely free of charge for a period of one month.

Recognizable quality of service and cooperation

In our work so far, we have successfully completed over 100 web projects, many of which were extremely complex and required several months of work, and so far we have not come across an unsatisfied client, this is due to the dedication and passion we have for this work, as well as all our clients' websites. it is programmed by a graduate engineer who trained in web programming.

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