Website design in one day

The 'Site for a day' campaign or website creation within 24 hours is intended for those who just want to present their products and services on a very simple website with a few pages in order to launch internet campaigns as soon as possible.

What do you gain and what do you lose if you decide to take this action?

You get a website with a decent design within one day at a price of 200 euros (plus the cost of renting a domain and hosting), and you lose the possibility of design modifications but you have to fit exactly into one of the designs offered below. All designs contain a home page where you will present products and services, a page about us where you will describe your company and a contact page where you will find contact information and contact form.

How does it all work?

Choose one of the website designs offered below, provide us with materials (logo, texts, list of services and products, photos ...) and we will insert them in the places provided

* If you want anything that is not on the designs offered below, then it does not fall into the action of the site for the day, but in the development of the site especially for you, and you can see the prices of creating sites here

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