What does the cost of creating a website depend on?

The cost of creating a website depends only on the time you need to spend to create the website you want. Logically, the more content and functionality the site should contain, the price will grow and vice versa

For example, if you want a static website with up to 10 pages on which you will describe in detail the products and services you offer and which will implement only basic functionalities such as image gallery, slider and contact form for such a site you will spend about 200 euros.

If you need a more complex and larger website, which has a larger number of pages and more complex functionalities such as sorting and filtering products on the site, multilingualism, forms that users fill out to check the correctness of the entered data, you will add another 100 euros.

While for the most demanding websites (web applications) that implement serious algorithms and functionalities such as web stores, dynamic addition of content through the administrator part to which only you will have access, automatic generation of invoices and billing, rental and reservation systems, product search on the site, generating qr codes for verification of reservations and all other functionalities of that type, prices start from 500 euros and depending on the requirements can cost several thousand because they require several months and teamwork of several developers.

The packages shown below are of an informative nature so that you know approximately what price you fit in, but you will certainly get the most accurate offer for the website you want to get if you contact

How much does it cost to create a website?

Website design prices

Basic site

A representative website that contains all the information about your services and products

up to 10 pages (information and contact)

Design adapted to all devices

Basic SEO optimization

Picture gallery

Links to social networks

Domain lease and site hosting

Price from 199 €

A more complex website

A website with more serious content, more complex functionalities and a larger number of pages

up to 30 pages

Sorting and filtering content

Multilingual sites

Forms and validation of entered data

Picture gallery

Slider and other animations

Price from 299 €

Demanding web applications

Complex web applications that require more serious programming, such as web stores, configurators ...

Automated adding of content (users, products, categories ...)

Registration, Log in and Log out functions for users

Web stores

Automated e-mail sending

Site search

Price from 499 €