Prices of programming services

In the table below you can find the prices of programming and digital marketing services.

It is not possible to list prices for complete projects in advance because each project differs in complexity and duration of development, for this reason if you need a complete website, online store or web application send us an inquiry.

Svakako cena radnog sata kada je ceo projekat u pitanju je daleko manja od dole navedene jer zahteva višenedeljni rad i cena se tada kreira za ceo projekat a ne po radnom satu

Users with annual contracts have work priority and a shorter response time.

The most common response time for users without a contract is 5 to 7 working days, while for users who have contracted monthly cooperation, the most common response time is 1 working day, that is, the same day when they send the request.

Unused working hours for agreed monthly maintenance are transferred from month to month but not from year to year.

This means that you can not use the monthly maintenance service for 5 months and use 15 working hours in June for all previous months where you did not use them.

Customers who wish to pay for a full year's maintenance in advance receive 2 months of maintenance for free!

Radni sat se računa po svakom započetom satu.

Service Price
Developer hours 30 €
Full working day of the developer (8 working hours) 200 € (25 € per hour)
A working hour is calculated for each hour started. 75 € monthly (25 € per hour)
Monthly maintenance up to 5 working hours with an annual contract 120 € monthly (24 € per hour)
Monthly maintenance up to 10 working hours with an annual contract 220 € monthly (22 € per hour)
Monthly maintenance up to 20 working hours with an annual contract 400 € monthly (20 € per hour)
Creating campaigns for social networks 120 € monthly
Creating campaigns for Google search 120 € monthly
Complete creation of a website Upon request
Complete creation of an online store Upon request
Complete web application creation Upon request
Redesign of the old site Upon request
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